Rescue Journal

Callie Update 1 month later

Sheila  ·  Sep. 4, 2007

Leila spoke to Callie's new people today. She is only 27 pounds and is over 5 months so she is not going to be very big. Apparently her face has become squarer. Gail said she doesn't even look like she has dobie in her anymore They are going to send pictures but they still haven't got a working computer. Callie allows Gail and Rudy to pick her up but no one else can. She is fine with their daughter but is still fearful of their teen age son and son in law. She is fine with them if they have food. We think, considering she has been with them for a month she is doing pretty darn good. The resident cat doesn't like Callie because she chases him to play with and kitty don't want to play. As soon as we get pictures we will post them.