Rescue Journal

boris is crashing

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2007

hmmm...he was not good yesterday and then perked up by the evening and had some dinner. he is not great again today and i truly think his horrible kidneys are finally giving out on him and i think the antibiotics that he is on to help him fight off his lingering cold and the pain meds that he gets because he howls in the night time, but stopped howling when given a low dose of tramadol (which means he probably was in pain).... are putting too much stress on those kidneys.

boris has bothered me since his arrival. he truly is a very sweet and affectionate cat. but i really believe that he was much too old and sick to attempt to repair that broken jaw. he did survive the surgery, and he has managed to hang in there til now...but really, what did he get out of all of this?...a painful major surgery, a prolonged recovery period with a still wired jaw that does make it hard for him to eat, weeks in a cage at a vet clinic, a few weeks here confined in my bathroom and now? kidneys that are crashing on him when the hope was that he finally would start to feel well.

it sucks.

it is a good lesson tho for me to learn altho i am sorry that boris had to be my teacher. sometimes when the pounds find an injured and geriatric stray, maybe letting them go is the kindest thing because maybe you can fix that injury but you can't fix diabetes and kidney disease and all the other things that make them feel crappy too.

if he survives the night, i will take him into the clinic for more bloodwork and IV rehydration and i will run some sc fluids today in the meantime. but i think if he is as bad as i think he is, then i think boris would appreciate an end to the heroics to save his life because his life has progressively gotten harder for him each day.



i hope Boris rallies, not to keep him in pain, but so maybe he can have a little bit of a good time at saints, with all his wires out and his cold gone. i have a great photo of him in his stylin' sweater which i will post later tonight. i'd say give him a hug for me, but i think that would be hazardous to his teeny little body.