Rescue Journal

sometimes i surprise myself

Carol  ·  Sep. 10, 2007

i was answering an email and i said in it "the world is a pretty big place, it is no wonder that sometimes we are all standing in different places" that was an interesting concept and i have been thinking about that alot today.

lately i kind of feel like i am standing on mars but that is just because of the difficulties of the past few weeks. but since i really do live on this planet, here is some earth shattering news....

i haven't told anyone except the saints volunteers yet, but we are building a feline leukemia cat area out in the new multi-purpose room. i have felt bad since saints began that we didn't have a place for FeLV;s and have had to turn them away. before anyone gets too excited, i have already committed to a dozen cats affected with this disease from a massive hoarding rescue that has recently taken place. and we are building the room to provide a good quality of life for twelve cats at a time only. as they pass away we will accept new admissions on an individual basis as space allows. there are not too many rescues that can house these cats so i am pretty excited about finally being able to help some of them too. greg has the area all cleaned up and insulated and yes i am starting to be able to see it really clearly now.

i cannot believe how utterly tired i am, i want to just lie down and have a nap. but eva and i are going out to grab a quick bite to eat before i put the barn guys to bed.

tomorrow is going to be a busy day, i am working in the morning and am going to a wound care seminar in the afternoon. i have to drop off will and grace for their spueters on my way to work and hopefully i will remember to pick them up again on my way home.

if someone isn't too busy around 4:30 or so, maybe they could call my cell and remind me cuz my brain is fried.