Rescue Journal

and another day is almost done

Carol  ·  Sep. 12, 2007

well....i turned away a 3 yr old biting cat who is biting because her life keeps getting turned upside down. and a 5 yr old, day 3, newly adopted herding dog who is under threat of euth tomorrow for nipping a stranger who entered the front yard on the heel and butt.

i really struggled with the dog because i am pretty sure it is going to die tomorrow but we just cannot help right now, the plate is full already and then some.

one of the nurses told me today her family has been feeding 4 stray white, socialized ducks and asked me what they should do. apparently they have been running loose all over the neighborhood, across busy roads and construction sites for a couple of weeks. i said catch them before they get killed. 12 hours later she did, and they found them a great new home too. her kids are so proud of their duck rescue and so is mom and dad. what a great way to really teach family values that are of real value to our kids!

it must be a full duck moon lately.