Rescue Journal

another roller coaster day

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2007

i talked to the vet...clyde is up to 45 mg twice a day. now we are playing russian roulette with these high doses and his liver. but every time he seizures, he creates new seizure pathways, leading to more seizures so we have to get him under control soon.

wilbur, she wants on baytril twice a day instead of the usual once a day because of the aspiration. he would not eat any lunch and already i am noticing a thickened nasal discharge on him so the pnuemonia won't be far behind. she will see him in the clinic tomorrow. and i don't know what to do about his insulin if he refuses to eat later in the day.

the ducks went home, i was very happy. beaver went home and i cried. a couple of ladies from zen dogs came out with a TON of great donations and some cheques that their group had raised. thank you guys, more help for those ailing vet bills.

a good day in some respects and not a good day in others. i am really worried about wilbur.