Rescue Journal

oh why do i sometimes want to just shoot myself?

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2007

because i am STUPID.

last spring i agreed to an elderly and ailing nice gentleman to be the final guardian for his much beloved but definately difficult senior dogs. he died. the dogs are in temporary care and need to be moved by sept 26th. i guess greg is going to powell river next week to get our new, old and wrecked, not so saintly ones.....

saints welcomes mugsy and cleo, please sound alot worse then you really are.

and just before all this happened this afternoon, i notified the senior blind beagle's family first thing this morning that we would admit him on next monday cuz i supposed we finally had some room...apparently, i was wrong.

so....saints welcomes packer and please don't be copper's kind of beagle, be a quieter, less troublesome one if you can.

and...saints also welcomes miz bernie an owner surrender to LAPS. she is a senior diabetic cat who due to health reasons needed to get out of the shelter and into here. she is currently lounging away in my animal free bathroom and i must say i am quite fond of her already. she is a sweet and roly-poly orange tabby.(shhh...she looks like a pumpkin)

the thing about being stupid is... if you are smart enough to know how stupid you really just makes you feel even worse.