Rescue Journal

the gong show

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2007

saints welcomes sprinkles who i think looks more like a sparkles cuz she looks like a small unicorn without the horn. i said she could come last saturday but if she didn't arrive by the end of the day she couldn't come cuz i was not re-designing that new little barn once the stalls went up....sigh, she arrived tonight. she is a 28 yr old pony who wandered away from her home and has been mooching off the neighbors for food and shelter for the past year. the resident horses were bullying her and her teeth are bad and she is starting to drop weight, apparently the original owners did not want her back...who ever heard of a stray pony?

(mo...she is bigger than i thought, but smaller than gideon and she is now your very own special pony, so don't yell at me)

of course as soon as the pony arrived, so did the a big honking truck and our barn guys are not the least bit respectful of large moving vehicles (remember percy's favorite playmate was a bobcat)...anyway, i had a few heart attacks. percy and ellie broke into the feed shed while we unloading, whahooo, all you can eat buffet! that was fun.

i gave the sprinkles/sparkles finders a tour which set the dogs off big time too. i seriously am going to kill phoebe and remy one day, geez could they possibly create just a bit more chaos.

max isn't here yet and i have to go to the store, but his room is empty and waiting and naomi knows where he goes so i am going to the store now anyway, he damn well better not eat those new walls!