Rescue Journal

big sigh...

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2007

greg has gone to powell river for mugsy and cleo, they should arrive here tomorrow afternoon. packer arrives tonight around 5 pm. eva, thank god is able to work today cuz i have some major things to do before i go back to work (thursday) the barn cleanings, untrashing the piles of stuff in my van, the dump run, paying at least some of the current vet bills, getting the lino for the new cat room, poop and scooping and raking up the left over hay in the fields (old wet slimey hay is HEAVY!!) and i really did want to re-organize the current meds again.....all my big plans for catch up and getting ready for winter never materialized on this last set of my vacation, but alot of other things so many losses, so many new admissions...16 losses in two months, 15 adoptions or off to foster care, and as of tomorrow....29 new animals who needed a hand (ok so 11 of them were a group of ducklings but they were more work than the rest of this whole place combined!) and there is always that sickening feeling in my gut when i go back to work..."holy smoke, how the heck do i get it all done when i am working" cuz i always forget how i did it before.

i can't really say that i wasted my holidays because that was alot of animals that needed me here.... but geez, just for once i would like the best laid plans of mice and men to actually become reality.