Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2007

i just watched clyde come trotting out of my bedroom with a large and now empty stainless steel cat food bowl in his mouth...i guess it is a soccor bowl night again.

cole and maude who are so close to wild ranging wolves in so many ways, just about killed me when i popped into their area to say hello. i can pretty much withstand anything and stay on my feet except with two thrusting husky heads shoved between my knees...where are those wild and independent, "i don't have to listen to you if i don't want" dogs that i know and love?

i almost lost my nose to mugsy who if he is going to continue to insist on jumping up to say hello, better learn to do it with his mouth closed...ouch, that hurt. i gave both he and cleo a raw hide knot thing and they are happily sharpening their teeth as we speak.

and sweet pea is stalking me...i am too tired to be stalked tonight.