Rescue Journal

it is like a self inflicted injury day....part two

Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2007

first i fell trying to get out of the house. i hooked my foot on the door of a crate and went flying. since remy and sweet pea and clyde and lexie and molly were all under my feet, it is a miracle that no one was killed. i hurt my bad ankle, my was good, but now isn't, knee and somehow or another i made my toe bleed. thank gawd clyde was somewhat stunned or i am sure he would have started trying to eat me..."DOWNED HUMAN! DOWNED HUMAN!"

then i got into a two on one wrestling match...the calf and the goat ganged up on me to get their food faster. i did manage to stay on my feet and with some fancy just slightly limping foot work elude them long enough AND hung onto their bowls to get their dinner out to the new barn.

and finally since clyde did not gnaw me to death this morning, he decided to do it tonight when i got back in. i was trying to talk to nicole on the phone while fending off the blood sucking bastard with only one hand and poor nicole gets to listen to me yelling OW! like 10 times in her ear. clyde was apparently happy in a chewing kind of way that i was finally home.

all self induced injuries cuz if i would just let the little freaks take their chances out in the real world none of this would be happening to me.