Rescue Journal

it occurs to me...

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2007

that it is an odd world that we live in when you think of the things that we do every day. maybe my life is a bit odder than others, but that is ok. it was a quiet, fun night tonight, i watched a good movie with molly, sweetpea, tiger lily and endora. i had to keep putting the movie on pause because clyde was being weirder than usual.

first he was playing soccor with the food bowls so i put those all up out of reach, then the kitchen garbage container became a good substitute for the fun i just stole and i took that away cuz he was making a mess. next he decided to play soccor with the cat boxes and that took some time to clean up cuz they were pretty full. finally he got tired like all small boys do and he is now sleeping on the second shelf of the linen shelves cuz phoebe is sleeping on the couch in the cat room tonight and he apparently has stolen her secret place.

it is an odd life that i live cuz i live with these very odd animals. and every single one of them is so unique in some undefinable way.

it is pretty interesting around here in the quiet of the evenings when they really just do their own thing. and i am noticing that cuddles needs a good brushing and i don't think i am stupid enough to try. remy is just staring at me cuz that is what remy was made to do. phoebe is trying to flip her afgan around to cover herself better on the couch. ruby is coughing tonight and tiger lily has been coughing for days and both of them are coughing cuz their very old hearts are getting older by the minute. eddie is still hiding under the bed because he is not entirely convinced that we are done pouring that poisonous tasting antirobe down his poor throat and bernie is still sleeping under the bathroom sink (i really gotta convince her that it is now time to move.) cole is sleeping as close as he can get to the fire because for a wanna-be wolf, he really likes to be as warm as he can be and mugsy is sleeping with his nose pressed against the door so he wakes up as soon as i enter his room.

sweet pea is wandering and waiting for me to take her to bed which i better go and do because morning will be here quickly and there is alot of work to do before the next quiet of the evening when they all just get to be themselves however they choose....and really, mostly they just choose to be a little bit odd like me. (and probably you too)