Rescue Journal

i really should move my butt

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2007

but i don't feel like it so i am wasting time writing this instead.

i am on my own for house and barn today which makes me just want to go back to bed, it is ALOT of hard work.

AND...while i can do absolutely nothing about the many screws that are loose in my head, i better get the one that is sticking out of my tire fixed today cuz it keeps going flat.

order of the day...feed and set loose the barn fiends, get my tire fixed and an oil change while i am at it (i do need to keep that van running or i am toast) and then the house and i am bitchy by the end of the day and i am already lecturing them on not peeing everywhere in sight...geez ruby, that is 2 more whole blankets that now have to be washed. i go, off into the wild and soggy yonder.