Rescue Journal

my most and least favorite image from today

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2007

...the best...finishing the barn on my lunch break and taking a quick burn around the lower pasture with the dogs, the goat, the pig, the pony and the calf before i returned to work....i was ahead of alot of them with dexter and pete helping me to lead the way...i looked back to a field of inter-species harmony and i saw my beloved ellie quietly wading around in the pond up to her belly grazing along the banks. she looked like a trim pink
baby hippo with a longer and more delicate nose. the sun was soft and shining and the light had the golden magical feel and i really loved saints at that moment.

the worst image of this evening...ellie's beautifully perfect thigh with swingers muddy hoof print outlined on her perfect pink skin...bastard!