Rescue Journal

final update for today

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2007

it has been a very difficult 24 hours but all is well that ends well and today has ended well.

we sat in the new cat room as the evening fell cuz i wanted a quiet animal free space to sit and drink a beer. of course i opened the window and spoke to all the dogs and carmen and tammy and i watched pete and percy play. carmen said i looked really tired because i haven't slept since wed night...but i told her i was tired but i was really happy too because all of the saints are happy and safe tonight.

jeanette is up on her feet and walking around. ellie-mae saved the day. she rushed over to ask jeanette why was she down and jeanette who is not a huge pig fan decided to get up and move. she was pretty wobbly for the first couple of hours but she is back to normal tonight.jeanette has been asking to be let loose to the lower pasture but unfortunately today i am pretending i can't speak cow. i watched she and percy stand quietly for several long moments with their foreheads touching, both happy and relieved that she will be ok.

eddie is home and looking much better, the new ABX is working just fine. sam is home too but the vet is worried because he looks quite pale. the bloodwork will be back tomorrow afternoon.

mugsy did great with all of his tune ups and he was really happy to get home and hit the couch. and i finally managed to start the pressure washing of the mals kennels since their lady is still sick and in hospital. sigh, nicole and carmen did most of the hard work.

all in all, for a day that started in tears, it ended in a quiet happy place. i just wish that agatha the duck could have had saints as her home and i am sorry that we couldn't give her that.

thank you to eva and kathy and carmen and nicole for helping me live such a very fine day. and thank you jean for coming so late last night when once again we were in crises.