Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2007

ahhh, dixie chick is sleeping on the bench with hook. i have been wondering if she was coming in from the cat porch at night with the onset of cooler weather. i finally just had to close the door, it is too cold for these old guys but i don't think some of the cats can or will manage the cat door. last night i screwed the flap up and hung a towel over the opening. it still lets in some cool air but it is warmer in here even with the flap open then it was with the door left ajar.

maude, sweet pea, lily, molly, washington, bernie and ogidie all joined me in the den tonight to watch "the freedom writers diary"

with all my angst of the past few days, it was reassuring to watch a movie about real teenagers who put their differences aside and together affected incredible change within all of their lives.

the theme song thru out the movie is a rapper song...i gotta dream...

it occurs to me that positive change comes from the willingness (foolishness or courage) to step outside of ones self, away from the familiar, and to commit to the risk of failure to realize a dream.

i think i worry about stuff too much.