Rescue Journal

bloody monday

Carol  ·  Oct. 22, 2007

i am home week long headache appears to be the flu which is better than the low bloodsugar/high blood pressure/ brain tumour, that my nursing friends were diagnosing instead.

anyway, todays blood has nothing to do with me. remy mouthed off to cleo today and cleo jumped him and went straight for his neck. thank god he has that thick collar of fur so she didn't do any damage. i had to pull her off by her tail and she clued in that i was pretty darn mad.

anyway, i was kind to remy, brought him in and dried off the wet and the mud...two minutes later, he went after and knocked blind packer to the ground and holy smoke was packer pissed off. remy has to stop antagonizing everyone cuz geez he is becoming a pain. why can't crippled, half blind senior collies, just mind their own P's and Q's?

then carly for some reason took offence to someone thru her royal vesitibule gate...i think it might have been clyde or remy but am not entirely sure plus she had a bowlful of canned food in there...hmmm...i am watching you carly so be a good girl and behave.

finally (here is where the blood showed up) all of a sudden trina notices blood on the cat/little dog room floor. and the more we look, the more we find and finally we found a pool of it with lexie's foot in the middle. it looks like she somehow caught her dew claw on something. we cleaned it, applied antibiotic ointment and wrapped it tight with gauze and vet wrap.. i will take the bandage off in a couple of hours but if it is not better and still bleeding, i will re-wap it and she goes to the vets tomorrow to have it removed.

i would appreciate on my sick days when i already feel like crap, if everyone would just sleep and be quiet, nice and good, that's what i do for them on their sick days. (except for the sleeping part, altho i would sleep for them if only i could!)