Rescue Journal

i had a good chuckle last night

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2007

rescue just makes me laugh. apparently we now have exclusive message board clubs where only the elite need to apply. honestly folks, elitest anything just promotes lack of accountibilty, lack of transparency and lack of consequences for saying whatever you want. personally i don't quite get how lacking in so many things makes anyone in the least bit elite but then i am not an elitest so i am probably missing something important about this.

that is twice this week that i heard the rumplings of discontent at the exclusivity of rescue...hmmm...two messages all in the same week about two totally different exclusions...i better look around here closely to make sure we are exclusive free. always clean up one's own back yard first before looking over the neighbors fence!

i want the people who help and visit us, i want the volunteers who dedicate their time here, to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for the animals in our care, i want them to feel pride and comittment at their inclusion in rescue...isn't that how rescuers are born? i am pretty sure that's how i made my debut!

inclusivity doesn't mean that everyone has equal knowledge and means that everyone has equal opportunity to learn and share and grow. my next project just might be an inclusive rescue club where everyone is me folks, mostly what we have to say, if it can't be said openly, has no value at all. and hah, hah...that must mean that since i suffer from blogging diarrhea...i have lots of valuable things to say!

(you can always twist a negative into a positive if you try!)