Rescue Journal

i received the photo's on the new FeLV cats...

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2007

who arrive on friday....saints welcomes sanjaya, charlie, tiki, the rock, albus,mosley,misfit, alladin, red, ronnie, sunrise and merlin...all boys except misfit..she will be the queen and she is lovely....if anyone wants to see them, they are listed on the best friends petfinder site....all the pahrump cats are listed with NYC's and our guys have little green hearts too.

most of them look quite sad in their photo's (except misfit and charlie)...and i hope to change that sadness for the others really quick.

i cannot even image the hardship endured by 650 uncared for cats.

i can't wait to meet them, i hope they really like their new room! i am a bit disappointed that scorpion was not one of the cats coming...gosh he looks like a pissed off at everyone cat and i was kinda hoping he might come, but was also afraid he really i didn't ask for anyone in particular...i thought to let fate and others decide who become our newest saints.