Rescue Journal

well it was one of those days

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2007

the ones with shining bright spots, the ones with moments of utter rotten-ness and a bunch of just plain hard work moments right inbetween.

the worst moment of utter rotten-ness came from mugsy and cleo...they have been so very good until today. they spotted our new little goat (her name is edith by the way) and they grabbed her back leg before i could intervene. she was screaming and i was freaking mad and they are both freaking lucky she isn't hurt too bad. i guess they thought that because she was new here the DON"T TOUCH MY FARM GUYS rules did not apply....they have realized that they might have been wrong even thinking that for a very short time. edith has a sore little leg and i made her a thick straw bed for tonight. i am still mad at those two very bad dogs.

then pheobe decided to jump little sissy when sissy had just finished her bath cuz phoebe is a jealous little bag if any of the little guys get special attention. she did not hurt sissy but she made me really mad too so she is walking softly around me and i think that is a very good idea right now.

the just plain hard work parts were the usual rushing to get things done. there is currently at least 15 loads of laundry waiting for me to push through tonight.

the shining moments were wonderful. they invloved our visitors this morning for their tour. they braved the stigma of ringworm at saints and spent a great morning bringing gifts, meeting animals and getting shown around. very nice people, true lovers of the animal kind. i enjoyed their visit immensely and i think they enjoyed it too.

eva and tammy and nicole and greg all chipped iin today to get some important stuff done. eva and tammy slogged thru the rabbits and clean ups, greg got rid of our mud, nicole got the little guys thru their nizorol baths, brought me lunch and then tidied the multi-purpose room.

and then tammy and nicole and i went to the border to get the newest saints. the cats had quite an adventure and i think the trip was very difficult for them to make. but the very best shining moment of all was watching them settle in to their new home.

these are very lovely cats who have been to hell and survived. they have made their way from whence they came to start a brand new life here with us. it made me feel very happy to see them greet their new and much appreciated new home and to know that they can find happiness and a family with us.

because that is what saints really is, a family, on good days and bad and those with a bit of both.