Rescue Journal

eva is home from the hospital

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2007

she still feels like crap but at least the pain is better. i told her to call me if she needs help during the night.

i made my final stop in the ameri-cat room on my way back in to the house. sanjaya now comes right out to greet me and wants to be picked up and held. he pushes his forehead right up to be kissed...ok buddy, i get it, you really like kissing. i don't think he ate very much of the canned food that i gave him. i am going to try him on the recovery food, because if he is only going to eat small amounts, it is just packed full of all the good things....and most cats like it alot! soon as i was back in the house, raymond was peeing can one dog put out so much urine, it truly boggles my brain.

clyde is even more hysterical than earlier...he doesn't like when the routine gets changed. and two extra trips out for me in the dark of the night is way more than that little brain of his can handle. could he bite me even harder the second time that i get home?he is lucky i think he is freaking cute, cuz that dog is an utter nightmare.

i have decided i am quite mad at ellie cuz my toe really hurts right now. lucky for her she is asleep in the barn or she would be getting an earful.

ok, so i have had enough of today...this is a good day to let go..i am off to bed so i can't watch raymond pee (and the mop can have a break) and maybe clyde will go to sleep if i do. one can only hope. i have sadly been neglecting corky, i promised her i would spend extra time with her tonight...sorry corkscrew...tomorrow for sure AND i will make you peanut butter toast too...(one of my clients told me his parrot LOVES toast!)

i hope eva sleeps well, cuz if she does than i will...two more days til i get a day off....i can do this...i just have to keep my eye on that bloody bouncing ball. (actually i will fall asleep thinking of a full night free of raymond and his urine tomorrow...ahhhh, that will be nice.)