Rescue Journal

animals aren't people

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2007

and while they can have special friendships with others, these relationships are not limitless nor are they always forever. rusty and jerome, our roosters, came in together from vancouver animal control. they have lived here together peacefully and in friendship for the past few years. sometime between now and saturday i will seperate them forever. Rusty is the big guy and jerome is the flashy bantam and yesterday jerome beat the crap out of rusty and rusty is now in hiding in the smaller seldom used coop. i have given him food and water and tomorrow i will ask greg to put up wire and divide off the pen. rusty and one of the hens will live on one side amd jerome and the other hen will live on the other because peace and friendship just flew out the window when jerome became the dominant bird.

animals aren't people and that is why animals lose their homes. because we don't always understand them even when we think we do.

i was happy and proud of our boys that they broke the mold of battling foes...the saints get along here, they have to because i say they will. well i can say all i want to, and really i am full of shit. the animals get along or they don't because they are animals not because they are enlightened people.

sigh, utopia is only utopia if you live in the real world too, otherwise it is just a stupid fairy tale that will probably have a bad ending.

it made me sad to see rusty hiding, no longer proud and safe in his world. it would be easy to blame jerome for being a bully bird. but as greg pointed out this morning, roosters are not meant to live together..."one rooster; one coop."

not sure how we got away with it til now but in the daily lives of animals, nature, not nuture, will always win. and i will now have to clean 2 coops, that sucks too.