Rescue Journal

looking for a fall/winter re-adjustment in volunteer help

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2007

i am wondering if anyone can help with regular poop and scooping of the dog yards...this is a critical task and the shortened days make it hard for me to get to. my lunch breaks are for cleaning the barns and i need to have them done well before it gets dark or the barn guys get dangerous in their frantic haste to get in to their supper at the end of the day. and it is dark when i leave for work in the morning and it dark by the time i get home and not even i can find poop in the dark.

i can wash floors or do laundry, i can scoop litter boxes and fill up bowls, i can do dishes and even rabbits when it is dark out cuz there is electric light for all these other things...but scooping poop on the days i am working til spring is going to really be hard for me.