Rescue Journal

it's been a long day and night...

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2007

and i was workin' like a do-o-og....i am humming while i write.

we got all the barns, and house and ameri-cats and bunnies taken care of. many dogs were walked, many dogs had field runs, many bags of garbage actually made it to the dump. many bags of shavings and a few bales of hay were moved and stored closer to the barn in the little feed shed. many loads of laundry are here and at lynns house too and i think we had many people here today but it is all kind of a blur.

i made it in to the art show fundraiser in vancouver and that was quite an accomplishment for me, it was a very great night... i enjoyed myself alot and huge thank you to alex and zoe.

saints welcomes our newest saint, her name was apparently not sasha...her name is in fact "harley" and she is a very lovely sweet dog.i felt bad about leaving her, but she seemed to manage ok.

i also felt bad because cleo was a bit off. lynn came to check on them tonight while i was gone and cleo was hiding out in the 'icky gross" room, (where we currently store our summer outdoor table and chairs)... this is the room that will be renovated hopefully in the spring as our new bathing and grooming room. currently it is just a moldy open room without a door but that is only where the next dream have to use your imagination to see what it can be. anyway, i am not sure if she doesn't feel well or if she is just upset cuz i went out tonight (cleo is a bit over-focus'ed on me.) she is back in the house and asleep on her bed so hopefully all is well.

everyone was pretty frantic by the time i got home and it took some time to settle everyone down. and now i am working thru that pile of laundry and maybe i will get most of it done.

thank you to everyone for such a great was a long one for sure. i bought one of zoe's fabulous photo arts of my one of most favorite lost saints (wilbur)...i wanted to buy tally and buddy and ellie and percy and copper.... and cole was already sold and the picture of moses just made me sad. but since i still have most of their real live bodies here...i picked the little captain of the cat room instead.

i was thinking about wilbur as i drove home tonight and i can still feel the softness of his fur...i can smell the sweet acetone of his diabetic breath and god how i miss that little dog.

whenever i wonder why i work so hard, i must try to remember wilbur...cuz that little guy gave all that he had to live the very best life that he could.