Rescue Journal

i just about killed myself

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2007

breakfast was a handful of those tiny cookies and half a cup of tea. a walk with the dogs while i shared my cookies and then i worked and worked and worked some more until 3 pm when i thought i would scream. i was so utterly hungry, my head was pounding like an oil drill, i could feel myself wanting to start crying as just one more thing presented itself.

i finally grabbed heidi and we went down to rocky's for "lupper" that is instead of 11 am brunch, a meal halfway before dinner.

we put the barn guys to bed when we got back and i feel very much better, i forget to eat and that is bad cuz you can't not eat and do hard work.

i had a nice call from alex, he wanted to touch base post-event. i thanked him and said what a great job and he was so happy to be able to help. he made me laugh tho cuz i really like people with a sense of humour and who are able to say it like it is...he said he knew it was me as soon as i walked in the door...and i said he must have noticed my utterly cool barn shoes...but no, alex had one better, he said it was the twig in my hair and that made me laugh because my daughters are forever picking peices of hay off their much beloved mom's head. (i do not think i really had a twig in my hair (i might have you never really know)...but i did get in there with my barn shoes in place...i had my nice dress shoes in the car and i left them there on purpose cuz they make my feet hurt!) you just cannot enjoy yourself well at a downtown vancouver art show if all you think about is sore feet.