Rescue Journal

i woke up this morning and i was over my pissy mood

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2007

and i read deb's comment and yes it is personal space has become their space now too....because they need it and i don't. i created that space to so people could accept that i live here and not feel bad for me because i live in a shelter.

and deb is right...saints has different rules. the rules here are for helping us do what we have to do. i work in the area of healthcare and i really love my job, but i find myself having a heart attack everytime the rules get in the way. like when we refuse to accept patients because how they live their life poses a percieved risk to someone who might go there to help them get well. the risk is mostly in our heads because we live in a middle class world where we can control the places we want to live.

i digress. i woke up this morning and i realized why saints works...because we make the rules for here based on what we need to get the job done. and we do get the job done. we are not confined in boxes that inhibit our ability to work. humans love boxes and crates...we love anything that gives us more control. but it is control that messed up these animals in the first place cuz they didn't fit in anyones box...not their previous owners, not the facilities they came from...not the rescues available to help.

so they came here. where i happen to hate boxes. and they live with me and we suffer the same difficulties and we rejoice in the same god given gift....which is...for each and every one of us to live the best life we can find.

there are alot of different personalities here, there are alot of different needs and it takes alot of different and sometimes creative solutions to make this place function as it was dreamed a place where the ones that no one wants...become someones who all of us adore.

so why should i do things the way that other people say that i should, their way doesn't work very well or saints would not have to exist.

sigh...being a bit of a rebel can be a good thing sometimes, but it means that i sometimes piss off others and sometimes i piss off myself. i guess that is just the way it goes as long as i don't piss around with the animals that live here, cuz those guys we promised to take care of and that is what we actually do.