Rescue Journal

ok, so now it starts...

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2007

eva's computer is fixed and with her recent eye surgery she has figured out how to read the blog...i am not telling enough rabbit stories...this might be because she keeps me as far away from them as she possibly can so i don't mess up her perfect system. anyway i told her that if she wants rabbit stories on the blog, she better start writing them herself. and of course she has read about my recent upset and it is a good thing she hasn't figured out how to post on here yet. i may only be marginally, barely, politically correct...but eva is an old school retired nurse and she is WAAAAY tougher than than me. and she is ready to get on here and kick some serious ass (nicole give her the wrong password, she will blame it on shaw!)

the other story that i forgot to tell was the continuing saga of rusty. he is much happier in the coop without jerome picking on him. but he is still traumatized and having trouble learning to get around with only partial vision so he is trying to stay in the coop if he can. well...not with grandma nurse eva around. off she goes as soon as she hears that he is afraid to come out. and she picks up that rooster and tells him "not to worry, nana will keep you safe." and she takes him outside and plunks him down. she closes the coop door so he has to get used to being outside and said "the little bugger tried to bite me." he did pretty good out there and the hens were glad to see him out too. later when it was bedtime i let him back in and he hasn't come out since. ah rusty you might win with me because i am crushed with guilt over you, but eva will make you get out of there again so you might as well just do it yourself.

ok, here she is maybe she won't see the post, we are going out for dinner so i gotta go!