Rescue Journal

great day out on the crazy farm

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2007

i forgot brenda was coming today so i started the day a bit worried about getting it all done but by the time i got back from the very early vet run...brenda was here and going strong. we managed all of the areas together and were finished by just after 1 pm. i just got back from the afternoon errands and unloading supplies in plenty of time for the barn guys to hit the hay!

i stopped at the vets to talk about maple (bunny) i am having difficulty getting her diarrhea under control. i am to with hold all fruits and vegies for a full 7 days and if that doesn't help we will put her on meds to get her gut flora back into balance. i have been spending alot of time with the bunnies and i am pleased that clover is spinning a heck of alot less. and the piggies now start squealing as soon as i enter the room cuz they want their big pile of hay.

an update on merlin who i think has been pulling my leg and not as sick as he seems. i caught him out of his bed yesterday and as soon as he saw me he ran right back to it and peered up at me pathetically. i caught him again out and cruising around and today he didn't even bother to pretend he wasn't up. he got right into the schmoozing of sanjaya and me and was in a purring love fest mood.

i had to pop into work today (twice cuz i forgot to drop off the pager the first time there) and on my desk was this bunch of plain rolled up newsprint without a note or a card. i unwrapped the most beautiful hand made glass pig and she is now sitting on my desk. i have no idea who gave it to me but i absolutely love it and what a nice thing for someone to do.

when i got home all the laundry had disappeared so that is the third great kindness for me today. the world is just full of amazingly kind people and i wanted to say thank you to everyone who made my day so great.