Rescue Journal

homecoming sucked tonight

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2007

i came in thru the big dog rooms and everyone came over to say hi. i finally got thru the crowd and made it as far as the door...and then all hell broke loose. mugsy and cleo converged on the food bowl at the exact same minute...mugsy said "F" off and cleo said "screw you" and the dog fight was on. first of all, we don't fight over food..there are three 5 gallon bowls of food in there with plenty of room inbetween, it is easy enough to walk across the room and get your snack from another bowl. secondly when i say "knock it off", one better stop dead in one's tracks. and thirdly if i have to step in a physically break it up, the second i touch you better be the last. but no...they just had to keep going til i finally dumped out the water buckets and shoved them over both of their heads. that stopped the fight cuz it is hard to keep fighting with your mouth and head inside a stainless steel bucket. oooh i was mad. when i took the buckets off i sent them to bed and cleaned up several gallons of wet soggy food. mugsy has cuts on his head and cleo has a sliced ear.

cole is hiding out in the icky doorless room, he wants nothing to do with any of us right now. copper cleaned cleo's war wound but thought twice about offering to help mr. grump.

when i finally got into the rest of the house, raymond had had a diarrhea explosion. it is from his antibiotics for his kidney infection so now we can go bankrupt by switching to a month long course of baytril.

sadie was out in the cat run waiting for me to get in here and she lost her mind when i finally did...she came flying in the open door and caught her tumour on the side of the shelf. (it is a very big tumour) the tumour is fine but the shelf went flying and ruby got hit in the head with a tiny cat food can. thank god the hammer that fell missed everyone's head so no one was badly hurt.

there is a ton of laundry again tonight and i still have to go see to the bunnies and the americats. but the barn guys are in bed and the dogs are now settled so maybe my night may slightly improve.

i am thinking of asking santa for a taser. i might like that.