Rescue Journal

adding to my worry list

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2007

sadie...i just noticed that the tumour has grown significantly in the short time she has been here...i checked out her pic from CAC and yep, i am right....shit.

i am thinking about which animals we will invite to the actual christmas potluck event...some will have to enjoy treats from the house.

i am putting a 3 dog limit at any given time of saints in attendance and i am choosing who gets to rotate in on a couple of different basis...who can i trust not to bugger off out an open door (sorry copper and maude)...who will not pee everywhere (sorry raymond and molly)...who will not accidently or on purpose bite someone (sorry clyde and phoebe) who will not knock stuff over (sorry tyra and tally) and who will not be a noisy pain in the butt (sorry packer and mugsy)

and i am thinking of who needs an extra bit of happiness (cleo, cole, carley, sparky, george, faith, cuddles, and harley) and who is close to the end of their journey and needs a great day to remember (sweetpea, sadie, dexter, ruby and maybe tiger lily fits this list too cuz her heart is starting to crap out)

sigh...i so wish ellie-mae could come but she would wreck the joint in 10 seconds flat.