Rescue Journal

worry day again today

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2007

i am not happy about ruby or ogidie...i am thinking it is getting close for both of them.

ellie was back down on her knees again today. i have picked up her antibiotics but in really looking at her front legs and feet today...i think the left one is slightly malformed....there is a large callous on the pad of her foot that should not be there, (which means she is weight bearing incorrectly on that foot) and i noticed that from the knee to the hoof, it angles out differently than the right side. i laid with her in percy's barn today and told her i want her to feel better.

i can't tell you what it is like to lay with a beloved pig in a huge soft pile of fresh straw...her soft pink face, her one little eye looking at me and her utter trust as that eye slowly closed and she went to sleep....this is why i love ellie-mae, we cannot speak the same language except that i know, right down into my heart, that somehow we are equals and she is my friend.

cleo got into a scrap with andy today. she has been getting weird hiding out in the icky room when i am not home. and i noticed today that she has dropped some weight. and it occurs to me, following her fight with mugsy and her short temper with andy, that she is for some reason becoming quite stressed. hmmm....i am watching her now and thinking about her and will really have to spend some quality time with her while we try to figure out why she is suddenly unhappy. anyway...i will pull her out and feed her canned food twice a day. maybe she is stressed over the free feeding and is only eating when she is very hungry cuz she is uncomfortable with so many dogs around when she wants to eat and that is stressing her out and makes her over reactive...i hope it is just as simple as that cuz that is easy for me to fix for her. she really is a very sweet, sweet dog.

diane...i picked up the saints christmas packages from the bus depot and sears today...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!...the heaters are perfect and so are the fleeces.

well...i told greg i would sort thru the stuff in the store room tonight so he can do the big dump run tomorrow....i better go do it, sigh.