Rescue Journal

i think everyone is good at this moment...hope it lasts thru out the day

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2007

everyone slept well last night, not too much mess this morning. ogidie, ruby, sweetpea, and sadie had a good night so i think their pain med doses are right for now. i gave sweet pea a bath, hoping that would decrease cuddle's and george's current adoration for didn't work, sigh.

mo came last night and we shifted around the big stuff out in the multi-purpose room. greg will finish off most of the critical stuff today and then we can decorate and set up for the party on saturday. we took the dogs for a walk in the dark with flashlights...not a great idea, we lost harley for a bit and the barkers were just over the top with excited joy at this new and apparently very fun thing. altho...maybe that is why they all slept so well last night, they got all of the night time foolishness out of their systems.

mo noticed how healthy the americats are looking...their colds are pretty much gone, just a few sniffles here and there, sanjaya's coat is starting to shine up, tiki is putting on weight, and merlin is actually out of his bed a fair amount in the last few days. gosh those guys sure like company, they are like a big happy kitty committee for making humans feel special and loved.

last afternoon shift today, then i have the weekend off...there is a bunch of saints business stuff i have to take care of (like insurences that are up for renewal)...hmmm, i wonder if i can do that today, before i leave for work...better move my butt and see.