Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2007

the multi-purpose room is wiped down, set up for tomorrow, the tree is decorated (sort of)...just need the food, the people, and the new tables and chairs nicole picked up with the canadian tire money.

sweet pea helped me (which means she christened the floor a couple of times) and frodo watched...."hmmm, it is getting there carol, but where is my fireplace?"

just have to do the meds, switch the laundry and tonight is done...sweet pea is fussing for bed, she is tired.

it is my last night with george and faith, they leave for the island tomorrow...both have really great homes waiting for them, i will miss them, esp. little faith. and pat? well we will see, trials don;t feel like such a permanent loss, you can ease into them...and the last with ogidie and ruby. ogidie has shared many journeys with me for very many years. please..., may they all find peace and harmony where ever they go.