Rescue Journal

i don't like la-la land

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2007

well..i might like it if it was real or if it was harmless but it is not. it is an insidious addiction we humans have developed to allow ourselves existence justification. it is how we bend and twist the rest of the world and ourselves to claim "shotgun" in the front seat.

and it is everywhere. it is in our workplaces where our written policies and proceedures and the language of professionalism masks the reality of "not so great"

it is in our personal lives where we mind the business of our neighbors, ridicule the efforts of "outsiders", and decree judgements of worthiness or cast doubt or shame on others just because in our la-la land...we have it right.

but la-la lets us live in lies with our heads stubbornly buried in stops responsibility dead in it's tracks and replaces it with slight of hand and talent for deflection.

la-la scares the shit out of me because i am terrified of becoming a la-la clone...i want to feel bad when i do something wrong, i want to feel guilty when i don't do enough, i want to hurt when i could have been better, i want to know that i could be more inside me if i just tried a bit harder every day and i want to know the difference between la-la and real or else i just become my own self constructed lie.