Rescue Journal

thank you K9H20

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2007

it took me all freaking day to clean the house and the barn. by 4:30 i was bagged and done, at 5:30 i remembered i wasn't quite finished cuz i hadn't put the barn guys to bed, at just after 6:00 i had already had a baileys and hot chocoate and a cheese sandwich and was contemplating a hot bath before i started folding laundry. at 6:15 the K9H2O group arrived for their tour, loaded with xmas gifts and $500 in donations..and i remembered that i had forgotten something else....ooops. so we woke up the barn guys and i made everyone properly pay homage to ellie the princess and tunie the queen, the doorknob dogs escaped with us when we were going there so mugsy barked his fool head off and dexter kept trying to get in with the sheep. percy got to suck on some chins and jeanette was given all due respect for her seniority and grace. and the maniacs awaiting our arrival at the house didn't disappoint in their maniac-ness. packer had the GAWD AWFULLEST STINKY poop, buddy started a mini riot and carly looked cute with a toy in her mouth but i still wouldn't let her come near the other dogs.

and holy smoke, i am so grateful that saints is here and not in the freaking freezing and isolated north where our friends couldn't come and see us.