Rescue Journal

another day of rescue

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2007

i am hungry, there is no food or milk or toilet paper in the house...i guess i have to go to town tonight, but i don't want to.

i get a quiet, soulful thing going on when one of the saints passes... going into town just feels weird.

i went to pick up the mail today...the box was empty and the lock was gone...i have not gotten the mail since wed just before we left for smithers. i am afraid our mailbox might have been broken into...sigh, i don't know, lynn is going to check with the post office for us. anyway, everyday for the past couple weeks the box is full of christmas cards and donations from our wonderful supporters...please god let there be another explanation.

we had a couple of sets of very welcome visitors. the first were a kind couple from chilliwack that braved our slushy snow to meet all of our animals. the second were beaver's family...they love him. and today they wanted to meet clyde. they know all about jagdterriers, dad grew up with them in germany. clyde is not going home with them (at least not yet) but someone twisted has made a new friend who wants to spend time with him...clyde needs all the friends he can get.

sanjaya has diarrhea today, merlin is sneezing, clyde is being a doorknob, packers arthritis is acting up, i have a ton of emails to answer from the past few days and the saints voice mail box is still full.

we had a death in our extended family while i was in smithers and my daughter still needs me and i have yet to connect with her except by phone. and is 3 days before christmas and i have not bought a single gift.

it is no wonder i sometimes just want to sit here and cry.

maybe i can find christmas at the grocery store tonight...i am not taking very good care of my family right now.