Rescue Journal

three days into the new year

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2008

i have been home for all of ten minutes and they are pooping like crazy everywhere...STOP!!!! geez, they could at least not start a new one til i catch up on what just came out.

nicole and megan and i went out for dinner...mmmmmm! can we say carol is in a happy garlic hazy and would like to remain there for a couple of more minutes.

ellie tried to get away with walking to the barn on her knees but she did get up when i told her to, she was limping tonight but she made it on her four feet cuz i asked and she is such a very good pig.

percy broke into the hay shed while i was putting out the nightly hay but i pulled him right back out by the tail...don't screw around with me on a fast track mission cuz i wanted to get done and get down to "the springs" to my garlic haze.

bernie is going to the vets tomorrow, she has been doing the slow downward slide. tammy got on my case yesterday to get me to pay attention and she is right, i think her bloodsugars are out of whack.

nicole wants me to get cuddles the cat in too...he needs a shave cuz we can't get him brushed out, and he needs his mouth checked too. i am not too worried about his mouth, it is gunky but not inflamed. but if they knock him out to shave him down, they might as well do a quick cleaning at the same time. i just realized, he is almost 17, wow cuddles, way to go, you'd look better if you'd just let us brush you!

lexie is going on saturday, trina has been after me about her too. i have upped her pain meds a couple of times and added tramadol last night too but her discomfort is not well controlled today at all so maybe colleen will have some suggestions on what else we can keeping you out of the freaking cold pond lexie! that sucks for your arthritic joints. she probably needs another accupuncture tune up, she is long over due.

and kathy is going to arrange with sam to get the poodles and lexie groomed. she will get them over there so sam can work her magic and then we should be good til andy's next shave.

greg will finish off the work area painting tomorrow and WAHOOO! the reno's on the multipurpose room are officially done! just a matter of adding the trim, setting up the shelves and organizing that horrific mountain of disorganized mess and we are good to go.

and converting the cold icky doorless room into the new grooming/handicapped accessible bathroom is the very last big project sitting in the book of saints dreams awaiting to become a reality too. wanna bet that is done before the end of the year??

mo is right...just blink a few times and a new saintly dream does come true.

new incoming this week sometime...a fifteen yr old cat referral by one of the vet clinics whose owner is too sick to care for her anymore.

the timing isn't great, today is the first day that i feel like i am getting back on track and on top of everything here, but the clinic says it is critical so i guess i better finish pulling up my socks real quick so she can get in here.