Rescue Journal

the animals

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2008

tammy found one of the guinea pigs dead today, she came to get me and it was brandi. tammy cleaned them yesterday and said everyone was fine and i did them up the days before that and all was well. i am not sure what happened but my best guess would have to do with their history. brandi and colton were part of a northern washington guinea pig rescue that removed 50 (or maybe it was 100?) interbreeding GP's from someones backyard. typical story, they started with a couple and soon had 50 (or 100). i would think that things like cardiac malformities would occur within that very limited gene pool. all we know for sure was brandi was a seemingly perfectly healthy and happy GP who suddenly died for reasons unknown.

rest in peace brandi, colton and babe will miss you.

bernie is still at the vets. her bloodsugars were actually quite good at 6.3, so her diabetes was not out of control. we will have to wait for the blood results tomorrow, maybe renal, liver or cardiac disease? hard to say since other than her recent weight loss, a bit of eye discharge, and her on going arthritis she hasn't really shown any other symptoms. i hope she will be ok.

raymond is actually finally settling down in the peeing department...i think his profound starvation really messed up his kidney function (it has to do with the starving body breaking down muscle tissue for proteins, the waste products become toxins and that is hard on the kidneys) but with his improved nutrition, it is starting to look like it might balance itself out again. fingers are crossed that one day raymond might just be fine.

ellie spent the morning in the barn, she just did not want to get up and move. by lunch time her breakfast meds had kicked in and she was ready to go out and tackle the world. she did finally be-head her new pink stuffy, i guess she got bored while hanging out in the barn so it is a good thing that meaghan has a giraffe for her because currently she is out of toys.

well that is the saintly stuff, i have an educational post in my head that i want to get posted now too.