Rescue Journal

silence is golden but it never lasts long

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2008

lexie got to her vet appointment on time. we started her back on the cartrophen injections and she needs a dental. so i will get her in next week for bloodwork and then book the dental for my upcoming holidays. Dr Petrelli left a message today too and she wants lexie to trial on that special joint stuff that we ordered in for swinger, she said she will arrange a home visit in the next bit to come and start lex back on her accupuncture treatments.

while i was at the vet, i ran into chicklet's new mom. she is adored thru and thru.

ben's foster mom called yesterday and he was going into the vets today for a nail clip...looks like it was saints day at hillndale today. she said he is doing really well.

carly got two walks, the dogs had lots of field time, and everyone had tons of cuddles from meagan, zoe and nicole. mo went home early cuz she is not well and i hope you are feeling better tonight mo....oh and i almost forgot...fat little blind petunia the pig, butchered 3 young rats in her stall sometime last night...between her and mugsy i can probably quit worrying about rodent population control (who'd have thought sweet tunie-fish was a killer?!)

bam bam who no one knows about because she just got here yesterday, went out into foster care this afternoon. there was NO WAY i was keeping a 4 pound chi here. anyway, i heard from her foster mom within a couple of hours and bam bam already had a new sweater and lynn suggested that i might want to hold off posting her for adoption because apparently someone is already attached. no gee why am i not surprised. this may well be one of my fastest adoptions but it just goes to show, i know damn well who to call.

we had a bit of excitement when the other lynn brought copper home from an outing over to her house. the dog yards were crowded with not only dogs but 3 horses 2 goats and a pig. thank god ellie did not try to get into the house! greg and i got them all sorted out and put them all to bed. it looks like that gate needs a new latch on it so greg will look at that early next week.

we have a new cat in...i have named him james bond (he came in with bam bam the chi). no one knew his name before he lost his last home so i think simply "bond" suits him well, he is seventeen years old.

there was a message from our maple ridge vet, he said feel free to bring all of our wrecked ones in for whatever weird thing they happen to have because we currently have a credit (remember i just paid them off on the last day of december)..apparently the kensington foundation had applied a very nice donation to our account there so this is good because it eases off the strain for the next month at least and i won't have to worry about the vet bills....feast or is about time we were able to enjoy a bit of feast and i am thinking that cuddles that cat is sorely in need of some special care and i know they have a good set of leather gloves.

my computer was infected with a worm last night. nicole spent most of the day trying to get it to go away. she finally at least got my internet back but tomorrow she may have to wipe the whole computer clean.

i have decided that since rational reason has completely departed from rescue there is no point in me not following suit and i might as well enjoy myself too. so i have decided that from now on i will blame everything bad that happens to me or saints on those who are at whatever time, currently pissing me off...and the worm attack is just the first in a probable very long list to come cuz someone sent me that worm ( it might have been to shut me up). all kinds of bad stuff can happen, and lot's of it does happen right here so at least now i have a place to deposit the blame and that should make things easier for me too. i am thinking i might like this cuz you would be surprised at how creative i can be..gee if i wasn't so stressed, gee if i wasn't so distracted, gee if i wasn't afraid, gee if i hadn't made them so mad...yeah man, watch out for those ripples in this lake, they can literally swamp you.

now i am thinking of it...hmmm, it was getting dark when that gate to the yard just mysteriously opened itself, someone could have easily slipped in and unlatched just never really know and i wonder, our mail went missing when i was at TG last month too...hmmmm.

a rescue world without any responsibility or any accountibilty for whatever we happen to say or do...just might be pretty out "lord of the flies"..."lord of the rescue" is coming to a neighborhood near you!

and on that happy little note where i actually feel quite hopeful and pleased, i better get thru that pile of laundry cuz i pick up packer's new mom at the airport tomorrow morning. which reminds me...packer had a long soak in the tub (after an extra dose of pain meds) and he really enjoyed that, he liked it alot so i will have to tell his new mom to give him alot of warm baths!