Rescue Journal

not my fault

Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2008

there was alot of poop here this morning and i know for sure this is the fault of those who are pissing me off cuz if they had gotten out of their computer chairs and gone and done some rescue then these incontinent guys could be living at their homes instead.

i cannot access my email today and even if i could i would not be able to respond cuz that worm thing went crazy again over night. if nicole wipes my computer clean today, there goes all my years of writing right out into space. that makes me a little bit sad, oh well...then i can blame you know who that my best writing has all disappeared and the future now unfortunately just is crap.

there is a couple of big things that i have to do before i pick karen up at the airport, like empty the laundry baskets and put it away and clean her a spot to sit in my van. i had to think really hard about how this might connect to them. but i finally found the link and it is simple, if they would do more rescue then i could do less and then i would have more time in my day.

bond...james bond...cracks me up...this is a truly great cat but he is currently abiding in my animal-free den which i happen to need for a guest room tonight. now this you might think could not possibly be their fault, but in fact it actually is....most of those people who are ticking me off don't rescue cats. in fact most of them don't even have one of their own. that is alot of rescue homes whose doors are locked tight against cats. and everyone in rescue knows there are way more homeless cats (one hundred times more than there are dogs) then there are homes who will take them in. if all of those people would take in one or two cats, there would not be any cats living here except for my own two, and they don't live in my den.

i know lately i am being a real prime bitch but again this is not my fault but it would be theirs for sure..... everyone has a limit on what they can take before they crack and go insane. sadly the last month and a half of the utter nastiness, spy kidz antics and soap opera rescue hysterical drama, has finally driven me right over the sane rescue edge.

now i have been over this edge before and i know how to get myself out. all it takes is for everything to settle down and everyone to play nice for a bit. then i can takes some slow deep breaths, have a sanity reality check and climb back out of the pit. i do hope this happens before this develops into a habit cuz i can see now why so many of them refuse to accept any responsibilty for their actions and words.... cuz wow, what a great feeling it is to be absolutely perfect and right in every possible way and everyone else is just stupid.

really and truly, honest to god, i am just being an utter hag to help the animals, because it is only the animals that i care about and someone has to be willing take a stand for them. someone has to speak for those who are silent and i guess that it just little old me who tells us all it is well past time to just shut up and get back to work cuz all of us are looking more stupid each day (but this would be their fault not mine)