Rescue Journal

nursing is way easier than rescue.

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2008

there are rules, like our patients can't follow us around getting under our feet, they aren't allowed to bite us, and they can't come home with us either. and if any of my patients need thyroid or phenobarb levels checked, i just send their doctors a polite suggestion fax and don't have to drive them around. and most importantly, if i have to work more than an 8 hour day, someone has to pay me overtime too.
sigh, i should have stayed at work and taken a vacation from rescue instead of nursing...i would probably get more rest.
but...on this first night of my vacation, the critters are being kind of good. clyde just laid with me in the couch for the last couple of hours and chewed on my hands while i watched a movie. lexie pushed open the cat room door and molly hung out in the kitchen pooping for another mile.
monty got mad at me for trying to comb out his hair so he bit me and cuddles got mad at me for the very same reason but he just hissed and gave me a swat. raymond ate most of my nachos for dinner and tyra knocked over my can of coke.
and i have not done a single load of laundry simply because i don't feel like it tonight.
welcome vacation from whatever, i have been impatiently waiting for you to get here cuz i have been tired.
one thing i do know for sure is somehow or another i will recharge my batteries here, it always happens even if i don't see how it possibly could.
must be because rescue for all that it sucks, actually is kind of fun, in a weird and twisted kind of way.....or MAYBE it is because there aren't a ton of rules, there is only what works.