Rescue Journal

i am taking a break from ripping apart the linen shelves

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2008

i went down to meet sarah...can we say....someone needs to learn to chill real fast? saints mental unhealth unit is now full. i left her there and need to set up a special animal free spot for her. she is wound up tight and she over reacts with her teeth because her knickers are tied up too tight. i was right, this ought to be fun.

the blood work is back...cuddles shows infection (his mouth) but all else is well so he goes for surgery next tuesday and is on abx until then. toby is hyperthyroid...that is an easy fix. missy's didn't really show much of anything, and she really looks like crap. probably cancer somewhere, she is 19 yrs old. so we will assume she is palliative and as long as she is eating and drinking and comfortable, we will just toodle along with her for as long as she feels like toodling.

wellllll....i better stop with the linen and pick that chore up again later. i need to get the barn cleaned up and then get sarah's place set up before i take dexter and sweet pea in. dexter's tumour is starting to bleed now. this is so not a very good thing. sarah will have to come home in a crate , i am not letting her near those two in the van.