Rescue Journal

a very long day

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2008

i just finished the americats now...don't feel sorry for me, i took a 5 hour break and had dinner with my daughters and then attended a (GASP) double puppy shower for two of my co-workers who bought PB, sm. breed puppies from BYB's in the states. i have learned to separate my rescue life from work and personal relationships. they both lost beloved little dogs and they both went on the search for specific little puppies and they both found them too. we had talked about some of the issues before they found them, but they did what they wanted to do and they are happy with doing it too. the pups are happy and have very great homes and everyone really wanted me to be there to celebrate this, so i was. cute puppies, and their moms love them alot and i was glad to see my friends happy, even if i wished they were happy with a shelter dog instead.

the vet came to see ellie-mae. i don't know if you are aware that pigs are not like dogs. you cannot ask them to behave themselves, you can not hold onto them and make them either. pigs are drama queens at the best of times and out and out hysterics at the worst. and i have no idea what my neighbors thought was going on up here but it probably wasn't anything very good.

ellie had a full exam and she had that huge callous cut off of her foot. and tunie had her feet fully trimmed because they really needed it badly. and both of those pigs screamed like they were being slaughtered. the vet was so very good and gentle and quick but pigs have 4 feet each. ellie forgave us and took a banana right away (plus a full loaf of bread, 3 more bananas and 2 apples too.) tunie would not take a banana from him afterwards, she just turned away her head. but she did take it from me plus 2 more and a couple of apples too. so apparently i am forgiven even if the vet is not.

he believes ellie may have a generalized severe arthrits for whatever reason so we will try treating her for that. sparkles got some more wormer and some probiotics too.

pete climbed up all over his truck while the vet was too busy to stop him. AND the vet said that ellie is the most remarkable farm pig that he has ever met (but he said that before she blew a gasket over her foot trim)

most of the blood work is back now...just minor stuff for everyone except penny the tiny chi. hers is quite worrisome so we are adding another couple of tests to the mix. carly's urinalysis is clear so she can finally start on the stebestrol but she isn't concentrating her urine very well so we are still waiting her kidney function blood work results.

apparently the voice mail box is full (i know this cuz the nurses told me tonight) oh well i will listen to them all tomorrow cuz tonight i just don't feel like it.