Rescue Journal

updates on the sainted freak outs.

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2008

dixie chick who is feral and has hated my guts for more than 5 yrs is currently curled up and sleeping on the bed i set up for missy...which is approx. 18 inches away from me. oh yeah dixie, you only despise me when it is convenient.

clyde had a nice upside down nap on my chest while i was watching american is a bit disconcerting to have him suddenly start snarling in his sleep with his jaws in my neck, for no good reason..i always wonder if he is about to lose it and start attacking me, he was pretty close to my juglar vein....thankfully, he just went back to more pleasant dreams..... that dog is odd.

sarah has been a very good girl since we moved her up into the laundry area. phoebe has leapt over the fence a couple of times and snuck back into her favorite laundry shelf...and sarah has even let her.

lol...dixie just woke up and hopped down for a drink, she came within a couple of inches of me...apparently i am invisible today...i think my feelings might be hurt!

new incoming this weekend...3 senior cats with no one to look after them, their owner has gone into facility care, there goes my animal free den again!....and a blind senior incontinent pug whose very elderly owner can no longer care for. i hope all of these guys are sweet and cooperative and easy to care for....we have enough saintly freaks, we need a few more angels to balance the load!