Rescue Journal

new incoming

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2008

i need to take care of the back log of calls today, 3 cats/2 dogs looking for a spot at saints. plus, rene is here for her first training shift and sparkles still needs a back end bath. i better do a quick feed run before everyone arrives and pugsy the new blind senior pug is due to arrive this morning too. my personal laundry put a stop to the critters stuff ( and now we are 4 loads behind) but i need clean clothes to start back to work so i better get my stuff out of the washer and dryer too.

i always feel a slight sense of panic on my last day off, the things i have to finish up on always seem to multiply expotentially the closer i am to back to work.

but i did do some relaxing things...tammy has gotten me hooked on season one of the meercats manor saga...i watched 4 episodes last night. hmmmm, now i have to see what happens to the little buggers and i am sure some of it will not be good.

i hope today goes well, and i hope pugsy is not too scared...i sure as hell would not want to be a blind dog coming in here. she will get to start out in my back private area til she settles in and figures out her way around. and then i better get onto those other animals whose owners called and see how desperate are they.