Rescue Journal

i finished the saga of meerkat manor

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2008

i found it stunning in the similarities with the human race. incredible acts of compassion and bravery and such a deep seeded responsibilty to their young. and yet filled with complete and utter brutality and acts of violent selfishness to further the interests of number one or the group.

i was thinking about the dogs after that and how sometimes i see some of the same things, the dominence issues, the pack mentality, the drive to take something away. and then i was thinking about humans and how we do some of the very same things.

i wonder if we realize that we too are animals, just a different kind, and every behavioral issue in dogs and meercats and others, we have in humans as well. i am not going to bother to list any of them either. someone will take it personally and accuse me of pointing a finger directly at them because that is another thing we have in common with other species, we take things personally.

a threat is a threat if it is perceived to be a threat even if someone was just accidently foraging around in dangerous territory, looking for something to eat. and when we think someone is attacking us. holy smoke humans can get really nasty.
i don't want to ruin the meerkats for anyone who hasn't watched the series but might in the future.

but i will say this about flower, their leader...when she accepted that rival gangs lost pup when mitch found him and brought him to her, that spoke volumes that she was an incredible meercat. that more than anything stunned me...a meercat with a differing moral code than most of her made me wonder about other possibilities too.

i better go check on aladdin and i just got called in for an overtime office has had 2 sick calls and i suppose i can spare four hours this afternoon to help them if i get busy and get done the basics around here.

saints welcomes darla...our senior and lovely 12 yr old boxer. i hope to have her fully integrated into the big dog areas before i head off to work...halfway there.