Rescue Journal

and here goes the last bit of the safety blanket

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2008

we can probably assume that raymond did not find a home last weekend. this makes me sad. i think he is one of the very few dogs i have ever met who has never known any kind of happiness in his life. oh well...hopefully, he has lot's of time left in his life to maybe find something that makes his heart sing.

three days in a row that a fat little pug was way faster than me. apparently when pugsy wakes up, she has to open her eyes and poop at the same time. from now on i will be lifting her and her closed little eyes directly off my bed BEFORE i rush off to pee.

for enquiring minds who really want to know (tammy worriedly already asked me) i have not confined phoebe to a crate at night, she is back in my bed. she managed pretty good til last night at 2 am when i tried to shove her over so i could get back in after a trip to once again make cole let tally back in thru the dog room door...then lets just say that her not very nice complaining got her an earful of pissed off carol roaring as she flew out of the room to find somewhere less hazardous to her health to sleep.

cole has got to quit being a purposefully, sleeping yet apparently fearsome, roadblock between the cold outside and someone else's warm bed.

little new miss smokey cat is absolutely adorable...she is perky, bright, friendly and has a GREAT face so now i just have to figure how to safely let her out of the cage without her flipping out on all the other guys here.

double dump run today...that freaking well sucks. plus i have to use the last of my line of credit to pay off the insurences here. i have been dragging my feet, hoping for one of those miracles that sometimes appear. miracles are highly over rated, they pretty much don't really exist at least not where money is concerned. i think god does not give a ratz ass about liability insurence or paying bills cuz in heaven you don't have to pay for is all free cuz you already earned it to get there in the first place....kind of like one of those eternal, all inclusive vacations.
sigh, too bad life isn't like that down here....ah well. better to pay for insurence than to get sued someday and not have it. (you never know when some poor innocent might get accidently stampeded by a teenage cow out for an illicit adventurous game on the street....especially if he finds a motorized vehicle to play with out there)

i get alot of emails from people who want to start sanctuaries in their home advice...don't do it, it is too expensive in more ways then you will ever see.