Rescue Journal

maude is starting to freak me out

Carol  ·  Apr. 10, 2008

i am running all the possiblities thru my head....stroke, mental breakdown, partial loss of vision, ear pain, tooth pain, gas pains, constipation....stomach torsion? what the heck is up with her? she wanders around, comes to me for a cuddle, then she spooks, she wanders some more and then she spooks again. she actually jumped up on my bed last night which she has been unable to do for months and laid wrapped around my head on my pillow, for all of 3 minutes, then she spooked and was darting off again...geez maude you are freaking me out.

waiting for the vets to open so i can beg to get her into whoever can see her might be hard to convince them that this is important when i haven't a clue what is going on with her.