Rescue Journal

there is a llama in my back yard

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2008

along with 2 goats, 3 sheep and an adolescent cow. i let them into the barn thru the back door, they ran straight out the front door and into the back yard (cuz i forgot to close the gate).

it was no big deal, they all came back out when i jiggled their food bowls. but oh my god they all looked so beautiful back there on this warm and sunny evening. that old adage is true, the grass is in fact greener on the other side of the fence and they really enjoyed discovering this to be true.

jewel is SO MUCH BETTER today. oh what a relief. she is bright and perky, she is rolling around and groaning with pleasure and i even saw her give herself a really good shake here and there without screaming and hitting the floor.

back to my point regarding basic principals and their application to other things. current vet medicine is just starting to acknowledge the need for better pain control in animals...crap, 10 years ago, some still thought animals did not feel pain like we do. but vet med is a long way from researching and documenting the different kinds of pain and various meds that work on one but not another.

basic principals ROCK, they are so universal!

mrs p is back at the vets. she is now on IV'S. we decided to take the risk to sedate her to get the cathetor in and draw some bloodwork at the same time...i am assuming she did fine since i haven't heard otherwise. poor little cat, she has had a very tough time. fingers crossed for her recovery soon.

5am comes early and i am on the early shift for a couple of more days so i think i will pop in a movie and grab some bodies to cuddle and call it a night.

oh and the plan is for a lunch here tomorrow so feel free to bring some food and join the saints for lunch.