Rescue Journal

the bad ones

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2008

bruce's market makes the best smoked salmon makes a great sandwich, all you need to add is two pieces of bread. mmm.....i made dinner tonight and it was EASY and GOOD.

apparently when jewel feels well, she farts alot. i had to eat my sandwich in the kitchen but i am glad she feels better.

the hay delivery just came, percy so loves that bright red truck...everyone was trying to eat off the snack wagon so i think the load was lighter by the time it hit the shed. i bought all the feed stuff after work today so i can fill all the bins in the morning..yay full shed, full bins, ya can't ask for more than that!

i got a call at work today, phoebe is missing another chunk of herself...very deep and resigned sigh. i will start her on ABX tonight, i was just getting all the abx med numbers down. she is NOT to EVER go out in the fields with the other dogs unless she is under full control on a leash while going to there. she is starting to look like a freaking bait dog and she simply can't control herself during the excitement of getting there so everyone please try to help keep her safe. she is so absolutely insanely and obnoxiously annoying, i don't blame any of the dogs for nailing her and unfortunately she thinks riling everyone up into a frenzy, is the best kind of fun. trina has her calmly walking to and fro now without any drama, she waits til trina unleashes her and then runs off to join the muss, no fuss, no missing chunks. i like that better...does phoebe like that better? probably not so much.

speaking of odd and sadistic animals, i don't know if i told you but edith can actually growl. she started out quite softly but is gaining volume and proficiency with practice every night. it enrages her when pete and percy stick their noses in her feed bowl but she NEVER growls at jeanette....go figure. she is going to poke out percy's eye one day when she batters him with her horns, altho lately i notice he is learning to close his "edith facing eye" when he tries to push into her bowl. he is not such a dummy.

tomorrow is day one of five days off, and the last of my multiple days off til my next holidays in june...i have got to catch up and get ahead on some things so i can survive the upcoming 6 weeks. in celebration of tonight being the night before my first day off, i think we will chill out and do diddly squat...oh what movie shall we watch? i hope something good.