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tiger lily really likes chick peas

Carol  ·  May 5, 2008

eva was here for dinner tonight...we had my very good salad again! and we had dessert, thank you lana and laura!!! mmmm...good! sigh, i am full. while we were eating and sharing our salads with the dogs (apparently dogs like salads or at least all the good non salady things i put in them) and we were discussing what really nice dogs we have here. of course while we were discussing this, phebers was snarling at raymond and clyde was busy stealing melba toasts out of the bottom kitchen cupboard.

when i got into work this morning, my desk was piled high with birthday gifts and with donated silent auction door prizes...i work with such a nice group of people. i had a bit of a challenge with ensuring the needs of 2 of my today's clients were met. all in all it was a stimulating and proactive day and i was really glad to be back to work again. it felt good.

i got some great news tonight, the garage sale that was hosted out in chilliwack last weekend was a very huge success...i am sending a heartfelt thank you to all of these incredibly wonderful people that worked so very hard to help saints! and they are repeating another garage sale again next weekend!


Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

So glad to hear about the garage sale!!! Good luck to them next weekend too. I am so pleased for Saints and thanks to the kind thoughtful people that are doing it. Eva